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                                                     Burstable Ethernet Bandwidth

Burstable bandwidth or bandwidth on demand can be a cost effective solution if your business experiences periods of variable bandwidth need. Many businesses are looking for a solution that will meet the ebb and flow of circuit usage while only paying for the amount of bandwidth actually consumed. During times of burst, you only pay extra for the amount of additional bandwidth used for the specific duration of time used. If the nature of your business requires large fluctuations of bandwidth, and you are not using burstable bandwidth, you are either paying for unused bandwidth during periods of normal traffic, or you may be losing customers from dropped calls, or experience extreme delays in internet and network usage during periods of increased traffic volume. Bandwidth slowdowns often result in wasted employee time and frustrated customers.  

Burstable bandwidth allows businesses to have access to greater bandwidth capacity during periods of increased traffic on their network without paying for unused bandwidth during periods of slower traffic. Examples where a temporary increase in bandwidth may be necessary would be political campaigns, fund-raising drives, telethons, tax season, or businesses that run promotional advertising. Call centers commonly have daily, weekly, monthly or annual cycles of increased call volume and periods of slower volume. Most call center personnel are each highly dependent information received through their computer monitors to provide swift, quality service to their customers. The delays caused by insufficient bandwidth during times of heavy traffic can cause these personnel to far less efficient with customers and lead to lost opportunities. Video conferencing and large file transfer are also examples of applications that can require a significant increase in bandwidth capacity for a short period of time. Burstable bandwidth will instantly increase capacity as needed so that the network will continue to operate without delays or down time.  

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